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        The phrase "normal school" is traceable to the French "ecole normale", the institution for higher learning in France in the 18th century.
      The PNU Agusan Campus was established as a college on August 12, 1968 with the passage of RA 4242 through the efforts of Hon. Jose C. Aquino, then congressman of the lone District of Agusan del Sur.

     In the first year of its founding, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education was offered. A couple of years later, because of the demand of the locality, it ventured into another course, Bachelor of Science in Community Development. A new course, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with major in English Language Teaching was opened in 1982 and the course offerings 

expanded with Mathematics, General Science, Home Economics, Filipino, and Social Studies as alternative fields of specialization. Graduate Education ensued with offering of different specialization courses such as Educational Management, English Language Teaching, Filipino Literature, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Non-Formal Education, Home Economics, and Physical Education.     
      The Agusan Campus community has also immersed itself in national and local government concerns. It continues to provide leadership in cultural activities for the preservation of folk arts: the music, dance and rituals of the Manobos and Higaonons of the province. For some years, the performing groups managed the staging of rituals and dances of the Manobo tribesmen for cultural festivals, both local and national.

       Through all the years, PNU Agusan Campus, having gained support from the provincial and municipal officials, has served the many young people who have decided to join the country’s teaching force.

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